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Compliance training
on competition law

Competition law compliance is a necessery must for all companies of all sizes. Our automated courses allow your organization to sign-up your employees so they get tailored and regular training materials. Each employee can be monitored (with permission) whetehr they have opened the training materials. If required we can set up tests and evaluate the results helping You to address week points in your compliance efforts.
Using our teaching modules you can also demonstrate to competition authorities that You and your organization takes compliance seriously.

Compliance with competition law is crucial for businesses as it helps maintain and encourage competition, allowing companies to operate freely without engaging in anti-competitive practices. Non-compliance with competition law can result in financial penalties, director disqualification orders, criminal sanctions, and damage to corporate or individual reputation. The financial penalties for breaking competition law can be significant and are based on the principles that some breaches cause more harm to the economy than others. The analysis looks in detail at various company-specific factors, and aims to be as objective and quantifiable as possible to ensure equal treatment and maintain deterrence. To ensure compliance with competition law, businesses should provide ongoing employee training on antitrust principles and how competition laws affect business activities, be aware of anticompetitive practices, and stay updated on regulatory changes. By adhering to competition law, businesses can maintain a healthy and competitive market, avoiding penalties and reputational damage while ensuring a level playing field for all participants. 

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